Fine and honest konoba gorica

The guiding light in our fine&honest philosophy is fresh, local ingredients. Continuously searching for the best ingredients and creating tasty and unique dishes for our guests is our never ending mission.

Through all these years leading our restaurant, we have created a small network of hardworking people in rural Croatian areas who cultivate and produce fine and honest ingredients.

Among several small family farms, fisherman and winery whose product we prepare and serve for you, special thanks go to our friends:

Joso and Mateja who supply us with fish, shellfish and all other amazing sea products for our seafood meals.

Nikola and his eco family farm of black angus beef for our beef meal.
Our butcher Željko and his selection of meats.
Bariša and his eco farm of Buša domestic breed of Croatian beef for our veal meal.
Sandra with her unique marmalade and jams.
Moira who help us to select some of the best Croatian wines for our wine list.

Our heartfelt thanks go to people who run Ruralina rural social network for connecting us with a lot of hardworking people on rural areas of Croatia.